6 Things to gift your siblings this Rakhi!

We all have those lovely, adorable and not forgetting to mention so annoying siblings who are a huge part of our lives. The only day where we are compelled to express our immense love for them is on Raksha Bandhan. We can help you figure out how and what to gift your siblings this Rakhi..

Stinking Sibling Situation – One gift that works for all occasions is a classic perfume. With so many Raksha Bandhan  offers and discounts running online you can get the best of branded perfumes at huge discounts. It’ll also save you from the stinking sibling situation.

chanel-coco-cosmetics-cute-Favim.com-776960 (1).jpg

Snorting Chocolate – Want a change from the traditional mithai? Sweeten your memories with innovative chocolate options available in the market these days. From chocolate pasta to liquer chocolate tea and the latest fad snorting chocolate! Who else could you share these quirky sweets with?

etrtert5465464546 (1).jpg

Shower Music Player – Your sister spends too long in the shower? Or is your brother a bathroom singer? Gift them the shower music player! Though this wouldn’t work in your favour but you would definitely be labeled the best sibling ever. You could also get more of such funky and cool gadgets online.

maxresdefault (3) (1).jpg

Burn a hole in your Pocket – Don’t worry you aren’t actually going to burn a hole in your pocket. Pre owned luxury products like bags, apparel, shoes etc for both men and women are now available online. These luxuries may be used or even brand new but are available for minimum 50% Off! You could gift your sibling a Ray Ban or that Michael Kors that they always wanted from http://www.envoged.com.


Zorbing Experience – You could take a break from the regular things and gift your siblings an experience. Give them exotic spa vouchers or take them zorbing , you could even take them for adventure sports. Whatever it is that they love you could find a way to make them experience it.


Show them the Money – If after all the above ideas you still can’t conceive what to gift you sibling well then just show them the money. They can purchase exactly what they want and would have no complains against you. Easy and Simple.


Still confused? Give them the Envoged discounted luxury gift card you pay less and let them shop for more http://bit.ly/2bs0PN1 . Happy Raksha Bandhan!

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