All about India Couture Week 2016.


India Couture Week 2016 hosted by Fashion Design Council of India (FDCI) is the country’s biggest haute couture extravaganza which showcases the best designers in the industry. A four day fest, the ICW 2016 was held from July 20 to July 24 at the Taj Palace Hotel, New Delhi . Here’s everything about the fest that you may have missed..

Rohit Bal – Inspired by the Russian aristocracy and the decadence of the Czars, Rohit Bal titled his show as ‘Kehkashan’ which translates into the highest place in the galaxy. Aimed at bringing the opulence for his love for Kashmir, the madness of King Henry the VIII, and the galaxy. Bal, successfully manages to marry these elements and his passion together with his collection this year.


Manish Malhotra – He presented ‘The Persian Story’ inspired by the architecture of the fabled land of Persia. Iranian culture and music are something that have always attracted the designer which he showcased through his collection including his staple; the drop shoulder blouse. Deepika Padukone closed his show with opulence and not to forget to mention carrying the very heavy lehenga.


Gaurav Gupta – The collection titled the ‘Scape Song’, brought in elements of water bodies, sands and free forms of nature that enthralled the designer. Gupta’s forte has always been cocktail dressing. He’s perfecting the art of western silhouettes, high octane embellishments and flattering cuts and everything that defines glamour. Colour palette of the collection went from beiges to browns, pale blues, mint greens and even reds.


Rahul Mishra – This season, Rahul’s collection for couture 2016 was titled ‘The Monsoon Diaries’. Wanting to capture the essence of the wanton growth in the rains, the designer was able to bloom his collection under the showers with the forms and shapes seen resembling the wild and untamed nature. The collection flowed from powder blues, to navy, a fresh hint of mint, soft pinks and later the whites.


Varun Bahl – The designers collection ‘Vintage Garden’ reinvented customary silhouettes for Indian woman. Baroque influenced dainty vintage inspired designs with sophisticated colours, textures and patterns is what his line depicted with grace. The colour palette ranged from soft pastels like pistachio, blue and pale pink to stronger tones like mustard, fuchsia and black.


A tribute to luxury and a new story told minding the aesthetics of Indian traditions with grandeur. Love for the excess grows with each season; the crowd got bigger and the clothes had more ruffles and shine on them than you last remember; the grandeur of Indian Fashion Couture 2016. Shop for such luxuries at affordable prices only at!

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