6 Things that get better with age.

While ageing has a negative impact on a lot of things, including people, it is perceived not so optimistically by many. Despite the regular perceptions and effects, there are few things on which the regular norms of aging don’t apply. Below are some such wonders…

Alcohol – Wine and scotch are two types of alcohol that get better with age given that they are stored in barrels from where they obtain their flavour. These are those heavenly nectars that have to age to add great taste and value. All wine and scotch aficionados will agree to this one.


Books – First editions, special editions and exclusive prints always hold immense value not just historically but also monetarily. Like the copy of First Folio of Shakespeare’s plays, printed in 1623 which currently is valued at a whopping $ 6 Million!


Luxury – A gown created by Elsa Schiaparelli is the most desired among collectors which could sell for £100,000. Vintage bags, clothes and jewelry are always a classic firstly because there is always a chance to grab them at great prices and because they never fall out of fashion. Even celebrities known for their eccentric style like Lady Gaga and Rihanna have incorporated luxurious, eye-catching vintage Chanel earrings and necklaces into their outfits. You can get these authentic luxuries at www.envoged.com.


Cheese – Cheese ripening or cheese maturation of affinage as the process of Cheese aging is referred to, refines the flavour, texture, colour and body of the cheese. Depending on the ripening agents used for the cheese the time required can vary from a couple of weeks to even more than two years! Yes, that’s the effect of time on cheese.


Art – Gauguin’s 1892 picture of two Tahitian girls smashed the record for the world’s most expensive single work of art, when Qatar bought the canvas from a Swiss collector for almost $300 million! It was painted during Gauguin’s first trip to Tahiti, where he said he travelled to escape “everything that is artificial and conventional” in Europe.


Paul_Gauguin,_Nafea_Faa_Ipoipo-_1892,_oil_on_canvas,_101_x_77_cm (1).jpg

Cars – A 1962 Ferrari 250 GTO was sold at Bonham’s Quail Auction on August 14, 2014 for US $34,650,000.00, breaking the record previously held by a 1954 Mercedes Benz W196R race car, sold for a record $31 million at an auction in England on July 12, 2013. While collectible cars have been sold privately for more, this is the highest price ever paid for a car at a public auction.


Get the best discounts on luxury because #OldisTheNewNew and well, it does get better with age! 

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