Things only a Luxury buyer can relate to!

Buying expensive stuff isn’t easy, having a credit card just means more choices and it’s always difficult to choose ! Being a luxury fanatic that you are; you might be able to relate to these things :

1.Shopping – Getting your hands on those branded goods when on sale can be a task! You’re not someone who likes waiting in the ridiculously long line that forms way before the opening hours of the stores nor are you someone who would simply do without it. How do get your hands on your hands on the beautiful piece of art?!


giphy (1).gif


2. Bespoke – Having Jimmy Choo himself design shoes for you is the greatest pleasure you could ever have on earth! With the exclusivity and the perfect fit it gives it’d make Cinderella’s  glass slippers inferior. But this is only possible at his London store and getting an appointment with him there is a task next to impossible!




3. Going Broke – The worst that can happen to you is when you are in the store buying the love of your life is a maxed out card! Running out of funds especially when that dress is just about to be yours is something you wouldn’t even wish for an enemy!



4. Joy of Materials – Wearing a recently purchased Vera Wang dress or carrying a beautiful Dior bag! The happiness of owning and dorning yourself in these luxurious pleasures is something only you could ever understand!



5. Financial Advice – With running out of funds comes unpaid bills piling up, empty bank account, you being broke and of course the free financial advice you receive from people all over. Although you appreciate their concern the problem lies in the fact that are aware of the problem and it’s solution; except you just can’t help yourself!

giphy (3) (1).gif

6. Your solution – Avoid all the problems you could possibly face and indulge yourself in luxury that truly belongs to you at pocket friendly prices only at Go Crazy because we’ll understand!



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