Spot that fake Michael Kors Bag!


The counterfeiting industry of China accounts for 8% of its GDP, making it the counterfeit capital of the world! The volume of such knock offs circling the globe and the resemblance they have to their authentic counterparts makes it almost impossible for the consumer to differentiate between the two. These pointers might just be of some help to you :

1. Lining and Insides

Original (7)

Michael Kors uses a soft and pale fabric with a subtle sheen for the lining of the bags which consists of the MK logo in a honeycomb pattern. All the letters will face in the same direction regardless of placement in the bag. Also, there will be no sharp contrast of colours and the signature would blend into the color of the satin fabric, which would not be the case in a fake MK bag.

2. Paperwork

Untitled design.png

All authentic Michael Kors Care Cards and paperwork will always be in the above tan color. If you see it in orange, green, red or any other color, you can be sure the bag is fake! This also includes the receipts, etc. The receipts will be in white but much of the printing (not all) will be in the tan color.

3. Date Code


Most of MK bags will have a date code tab, but the numbers will vary, depending on what date the bag was made. It is often very hard to find and will generally be sewn on the lining. They will all have the country made in written on them. Although, most of the vintage MK bags don’t have the date code and will only have the country made in on them.

4. Hardware and Metal Findings

DSC_2437-640x480 (1).jpg

An original Michael Kors bag has heavy weight, smooth, polished and seamless hardware. Snaps and zippers will have either the designer logo or the manufacturer embossed into the metal. They also have a Michael Kors tag like pull while the fake will provide you with a MK circle logo or MK tag that is made of metallic coated plastic sure to break at one point or the other. Understand the weight of the hardware, the fake ones will weigh much less and feel like plastic.

5. Seams and Stitching

Craftsmanship can be seen in the way Michael Kors bags have perfect stitches and seams which is clean, neat and perfectly aligned. While fakes would have sloppy stitches with an obvious miss of details. Stitching on the real one is tight and would leave very little of a lip along the side while the fake one, though more malleable in terms of the ease of sewing, is quickly stitched together, leaving folds and wider lip.

6. Material

Michael Kors Purple Cosmetic Bag Leather 212_LRG
The leather used for Michael Kors bags is rigid and sturdy. It will stand stiff and hold its shape comfortably, while the fake will not hold its place and have collapsing sides; leading to inward folds and unwanted creases over the bag. There is also difference in the feel of the leather, the original leather would feel stronger and smoother in comparison to the fake bags’ leather.

Avoid supporting the counterfeiting industry which funds criminal and terrorist activities over the globe. Shop for only authentic luxury Michael Kors products at great prices only on

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