Denim Shoes by Rihanna & Manolo Blahnik

With the world going crazy about luxury shoe designer Manolo Blahnik and badass pop icon Rihanna’s collaboration for the spring collection 2016, here is all that you need to know about these Dangerous (as quoted by Rihanna herself) works of art :

  1. Exclusivity – The limited edition capsule of sandals, pumps and boots come in 6 design styles of which only 400 pairs were made available in Manolo Blahnik stores at London, New York and Hong Kong from May 5. Talk about exclusivity!

Untitled design (4)2. Design – The sequined and embroidered designs made by Blahnik on these handcrafted denim shoes have been inspired by the tattoos on Rihanna’s hand. Whereas, the idea of using denim as a material for the shoes was of Rihanna’s which Manolo gladly accepted to as it was challenging.



3. Price – The shoes have been priced between an amount of $895 and $3995 (approx ₹59,600 to ₹2,66,066 ). An individual is only allowed to buy a single pair of each style i.e a maximum of 6 shoes which comes up to a total of 8425$ (₹5,61,104) excluding taxes!

Rihanna-4-April-2016-Issue-Vogue-25April16-Craig-McDean_b_1280x1920_320x480.jpg4. Sales – The CEO of Manolo Blahnik, Kristina Blahnik told WWD that upon going live on the microsite created for the ‘Denim Dessert’ project, the site crashed a few times due to the volume of the traffic. She also said that sales of the shoes have surprisingly been the strongest on e-commerce. Why aren’t we surprised?


5. Featured – Rihanna was featured on British Vogue’s April cover photographed by Craig Dean, in Alexander Mcqueens Denim coat, Isable Marants knitted hot pants and Denim chap boots from the Rihanna & Manolo Blahnik collection.


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