Interesting Facts about World Fashion Moguls

The Fashion Industry has been ruled by a few people for decades. You’d be surprised to know some facts of these Moguls..

Karl Lagerfeld creates sketches using makeup. He has been using Shu Uemura’s pressed eye shadows to create his fashion sketches for over 20 years. The red color in the palette was custom created especially for him.



Giorgio Armani is the sole owner of his empire and has never been in debt in his career. His personal fortune is of $8 billion and his company has an annual turnover of $2.9 billion as of 2015.



Marc Jacobs was fired by Perry Ellis for his infamous grunge collection (1993), the same year Jacobs took home the CFDA Women’s Designer of the Year Award and created history. Not to mention Generation X  would ultimately side with the CFDA.



Miuccia Prada earned a PhD in Political science and even spent some time performing as a mime before taking over her family business! Shop for the iconic Prada bags at



Vivienne Westwood studied fashion and silversmithing at the Harrow School of Art in London at the age of 17, but left after one term saying that a working class girl could never make a living in the art world.



Anna Wintour, the editor in chief of Vogue was  fired from Harper’s Bazaar for ‘not understanding the American market’. Apparently Wintour put a model’s hair in dreadlocks for a couture photo shoot which ruffled some feathers at Harper’s Bazaar.




Christian Louboutin’s design for his first pair of shoes, a suede pumps with the word ‘LOVE’ written in his signature red, was inspired by the famous image of Princess Diana, sitting in front of the Taj Mahal. He thought she looked sad and that it would be nice to have something to make her smile, when she looked at her feet.



Michael Kors designed his first piece of clothing for his mother at the age of 5 for her second marriage! Also, as a teenager Michael started his own clothing line from a garage by the name of Iron Butterfly.



Jimmy Choo sold his shares of his company in 2001. Today if you want shoes that actually have anything to do with Jimmy Choo himself, you’ll have to purchase them from Jimmy Choo Couture. Available by appointment only at 18 Connaught Street in Paddington, London, England.








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