4 Designers you should know!


The Fashion Industry is the most evolving industry. While many designers fizz out.. here are some that have stood the test of time :

  1. Ranna Gill– Before flying down to India and starting her own label, designer Ranna Gill worked with some of the most influential American designers Ralph lauren and even Donna Karen. She now has boutiques across India and also retails from the U.S. and Middle East market, where the brand has a strong following. Her collections are known for colors, prints and elegance. Ranna Gill proves that high-end Indian fashion for women can strut down the beaches of LA or the streets of Paris and New York.


  2. Jaspal – Operating for more than 65 years, Jaspal and Sons is the parent company of the brand Jaspal. Based in Thailand , this brand has conquered whole of Asia with its ready to wear style and exemplary designs. Jaspal not only caters to the fashion industry but has also left a mark in the world of home and lifestyle products with its brand Jaspal Home.


  3. Preeti Chandra – The designer started her career in New York in 1996 and always knew what she was destined to do. Her love for fashion was anything but accidental. Her collection has stood the test of times and it’s appalling to see that her clientele has been growing ever since.


  4. Suneet Verma – The designer graduated from the The London School of Fashion and interned with fashion giant Yves Saint Laurent before marking the Indian fashion industry. Ever since  he has been associated with many brands like BMW, Judith Leiber, Azva by World Gold Council and Swarovski. Latest addition to his accolades is Armani Junior , who collaborated with him for its Indian foray .

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