Summer Essentials!


Summer is different in India. While the other half of the world relishes it, we Indians dread it. For us summers are full of humid heat, scorching sun and not forgetting the crowded public transport adding to our woes. In this dehydrating sticky, sweaty weather, nothing feels as great as sitting in an AC blasted room and doing one thing that we love the most, Shopping!

Here are our Summer Essential Looks that you just cannot miss:

The Comfort Look – Who says that you need to compromise on comfort to look stylish? Whether a movie or some street shopping with the gang, feel relaxed and look absolutely stylish in this look :

Skull Island (9)


The Holiday Look – Summers and holidays are synonymous. Travel and explore the tropics in this Preeti Chandra number and splurge in the bustling diverse markets. Feel like a tourist, discover the traveller in you :
Skull Island (11).jpg


The Sunday Look – A family brunch or a late sunday afternoon exhibition. This look is versatile and can be worn for all your weekend day plans. Playful and fun loving , bring out the socialite in you with this look :

Skull Island (8)


The Smart Casual Look – Want to be taken seriously yet don’t want to come off as too uptight. Here is your go to look. The right balance between the ambitious woman and the chilled out girl. Look sharp and smart yet fun in this look :

Skull Island (7)


The Glamourous Look – Need to make a statement? Want all eyes on you? Look exclusive and feel luxurious with this style. Bring out the snob in you and look glamorous in this look. Go all out!

Skull Island (5)


Enjoy this summer with our exclusive Summer Collection and you also get flat 40% off! Only at Summers can’t be that bad after all now, can they? 

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