Why do Men like luxury?

Traditionally, people thought differently, men had no fascination with fashion and shopping to such an extent that a man showing any such interest would be emasculated. Especially, when it came to luxury fashion brands, men have been averse with the same.

Times have now changed, according to Bain Capital, men now account for 40 percent of the luxury market and that number is likely to go higher. So, as the number of young, urban men who aren’t afraid to admit they like a little luxury increases, I’m going to tell you WHY they like it.

Realisation  – Men have realised that in order to stand out they need to dress to impress. This is not just applicable to woo women but also in the corporate scenario where they need to knock out the competition and one barely has few seconds to achieve that. Thier appearance plays a vital role in creating a desired first impression.


Worth – While a boy grows into a man, he begins to earn through his passion and hardwork. The fact that they are now independent and making their lives they deserve everything that defines them and their principles. And nothing’s better than dawning that hot Armani suit and experience the way that feels (and looks).


Closet Shoppers – Men have loved shopping, always. The only difference with them and women shopping is that they never procrastinate much before buying. For them it’s simple. You like something you pick it up. No second thoughts. No haunting memories of something they wished they bought. These closet shoppers are now coming out in the open and changing trends.



Perception –  Having said that men have always loved shopping secretly, there is also another section of the male community who is unaware of the possibility of the products they could own . The luxury fashion market until late has always focused on women and the change in trends have forced fashion houses to cater to this expanding market.


Women of the world have always been the focus of the World of Luxury Fashion, the potential of Men in this market has now been acknowledged. The Luxury fashion World now caters to this expanding sector. They have broadened their horizons and so have we http://www.envoged.com. 

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