Top 5 Bags you should own!

Bags are timeless yet ever changing. They are ever evolving and still remain a classic. A bag is a woman’s constant companion and her trusted secret keeper. Yet, we know only so much about our confidant..

  1. The Tote – A Tote is a wide mouthed bag with a comparatively narrow shoulder belt. It comes in various sizes from not so small to as large as possible. The Tote is a best alternative for everyday use and can organise your life easily because of the compartments it generally arrives in. Use it to carry your daily essentials from books, newspapers,mail, snacks to makeup, perfume, keys, ipod, phone etc. The Tote is your go to bag.fendi.jpg
  2. The Shopper Bag – Your ultimate shopping companion, The Shopper Bag is a broad open bag with long shoulder handles . It can fit everything from a water bottle to quench your thirst when you’re prancing around the mall or that high fashion street, to your wallet that you so happily intend to empty!WOmen-bow-waterproof-PU-handbag-Shopping-bag-ladies-handbag-font-b-Ted-b-font-Women-font.jpg
  3. The Clutch – This is one bag that can be carried off with absolute ease. Pair it with an elegant evening gown or carry it while bar hopping with your girlies. It compliments both the lady and the girl in you. Small hand sized, without any strings yet effective, the clutch will hold just your basic necessities. Get this Yves Saint Laurent Belle De Jour Clutch at . Less is More!fec7e79f5ac7a84dc1dbe35d55cd4f9b.jpg
  4. The Satchel – Satchels come with two front parallel belts used as locks and a broad long body length handle. It can be worn either cross body or just over one shoulder. The Satchel could even fit your laptop! This bag is a classic example of beautiful vintage bag.6163f3b9-3172-42c9-91ce-14b93c75c3f4.jpg
  5. The Duffle Bag – This is a cylindrical canvas bag with medium shoulder handle. It may also come with wheels or long handles to be worn across the body. The Duffle Bag is great for gym use or travelling although its variants can also be carried to day outs or sunday brunches.Dior-Spring-Summer-2016-Runway-Bag-Collection-Featuring-New-Duffle-Bag-Bag-7.jpg
    Every woman owns a bag, each of which has a different story to be told. A woman’s bag is her absolute companion, always by her side holding secrets known to only to her, Never to be revealed. Discover your companion only atΒ .
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    Wonderful πŸ’πŸ’πŸ’

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    1. Thankyou! Glad you liked it.

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