Things to keep in mind this HOLI .

With Holi just around the corner many of us are hesitant to enjoy the festival of colours because of one major concern which is, the damage caused. With a few tips from us, Holi this year will be a breeze for all…

The Eyes – Our eyes are the most vulnerable during this festival yet neglected by majority of us. They are exposed to the sun’s rays, toxic chemicals from the colour and also to the impure water. Use of sunglasses protects our eyes from the sun and avoids direct contact of colour with our eyes. Although this may not be of much help, it is better than doing nothing about it all. Or we could simply try and stop everyone from colouring on our faces. (Like that ever works!)


The Skin – Just applying a moisturizer doesn’t prevent the damage being done to our skin. Most of us play Holi under the harsh rays of the afternoon sun and with chemically produced colours. It is very important that you apply a proper sunscreen with a minimum sun protection factor (spf) of 15 at least half an hour before braving the sun.


The Clothes – Reality unfortunately, isn’t like the movies where women wear all white clothing for this festival (Sorry boys). Real women have real problems to deal with, like avoiding that top from getting transparent and especially what will make us look thin although we don’t really need to worry about the latter. Finding a suitable fabric is a task. The best one could use is clothes made out of the mesh fabric. Basically, a fabric used by athletes and sportsmen for jerseys etc. Very comfortable, airy, light and also washable!


The Hair and Nail – Remember those days where your mom would grab you and massage (or rigorously rub) oil into your scalp? Well, that would really help now. Massaging oil even in your cuticles creates a protective layer against the toxic colours and avoids your scalp from absorbing all the water and colour. Also, apply clear nail paint to easily remove those stubborn colours using a remover after the day is over.



The Body – While we all still pay some attention to our exposed body parts we forget to look after our health. Keeping oneself well hydrated, having proper breakfast and pulling the reins on the unnecessary gobbling of the jalebis and pakodas, makes sure that we don’t put on that festive weight and avoid other subsequent issues.


Wishing you A Very Happy And Safe Holi !!

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