Happy Selling, and Shopping!

We all splurge thousands of rupees on stuff that ends up lying in the depths of our closets and never get to see the light of the day.(Yes, the drama is required.) Being in denial of the fact that despite having so much little is ever used, only adds to our woes. Why not address this issue with some fun?

Spread the Love – Most of the items that you own but don’t use are probably being drooled over by thousands of others. Share your fortune with them, be a little nice and sell. Make the world more beautiful. Spread the love.


Cash in your closet – Realise the hidden potential of your wardrobe. All you have to do is figure out things that you won’t use and list them up at www.envoged.com. The rest is taken care of. Go Sell!


Go Green – Re-sold items not only make your pockets green but also helps the environment as the environmental costs incurred to create these products are eliminated. We all got to do our bit in whatever way possible right?


Sell to buy – Selling from your closet makes way for stuff that is in actual need and in sync with the current fashion trends. Also, now that you actually have made good money from all the selling it’s time for some shopping!


Why Not Sell? – After being enlightened with the perks of decluttering your closet would one not sell? Think about it.5f52731b26c6a3cbefa0e2c60967cbe0.jpg

Nothing haunts us more than the thing we don’t buy…why be haunted??  Once again Happy Selling (and shopping) !

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