Why “Dior” and not “Doir”

Ever wondered why the world goes crazy behind expensive luxury products? Tracking and awaiting forthcoming trends by high end luxury brands like a tigress waiting for prey? Doesn’t make any sense when celebs go gaga over Prada or Masaba and pay lakhs for it when they can get a copy for a fraction of the originals price?  Well, this should clear your doubts and make some sense..

Robbery – What if you created a masterpiece and got absolutely no credit for it? The same is felt across billions  who work in the luxury industry and are robbed of their right because people like us (yes, unfortunately me too) encourage existence of fakes by purchasing them. Time to change.

mk4 (4)

Do the Math – An original pair like these bold classy black beauties from Zara ( https://www.envoged.com/home/product_view/705/Zara-Black-and-Bold) would cost you only 2500 INR and would last atleast 3 years whereas a copy would cost you around 500 minimum, lasting for less than 6 months. What’s more expensive?


Comfort – Your body wrapped in a smooth heavenly cloth rubbing against your skin or the cheap God only knows what material touching your beautiful skin? The choice is yours to make my lady.


Trust – There is a reason why people stick to certain luxury brands and it’s not just because the products are to kill for, but also because they trust the brand and are aware it can’t get better than this.


Ecstasy – Just owning and parading in an original piece of work feels like paradise and yeah, you get to show off too! (No harm in a little vanity)

Jesse-Dunphy-Model-2015-Photo-007 (2)

You need not take my word for it (I’d much rather you believe me though) anyway, go ahead and experience this fact for yourself exclusively at www.envoged.com. No stopping . Let’s get crazy!


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