Guys! 10 things you should not wear on a date.

First dates are all about first impressions, and if you roll out to the rendezvous wearing one (or more) of these pieces, you’re sure to spend your nights with the tissues and lotion instead of the cute girl you’re crushing on. Take my word!

10 Things You Should Never Wear On A Date Night:

  1. Too Much Jewelry


A watch is all good, but the moment you break out the three bracelets, four rings, and the two chains (pun not intended), you’re basically changing your path from gentlemen to ‘terrible’.

  1. A Bowtie


Some girls may find this look cute, but you’re going to look like you’re trying to be #menswear in the worst way possible.

  1. Sandals


First impressions matter, so don’t let the first thing your date sees be your nasty-ass toes.

  1. Deep V Neck T-shirts


Never has anyone asked to see an acquaintance’s chest hair—especially on a first date. I’m sure you won’t like it.

  1. Cargo Shorts


What do you need those extra pockets for? Are you a mobile stash house, pulling deliveries in between conversations with your date? Are you fresh out of Boy Scout camp? Guys have made it this far without needing to carry their stuff in cargo pockets, and unless you want to look like a sixth grader, we recommend that you keep the cargos at home for date one—especially if they’re shorts.

  1. Sweatpants


This is where we separate the gentlemen from the boys.

  1. Knock-off Designer Clothes


Trust me NO! And another NO! And Definitely NO! She will know.

  1. A Witty Graphic T-shirt


Girls want to get to know you through your words and actions, not by some corny line written on your chest. Those ‘hilarious’ / ‘cool’ Tshirts, will not get you your brownie points.

  1. Heavy Cologne


Just remember, your date has to be able to breathe while you’re standing next to her.

  1. A Muscle Tshirt


To be sure what you are wearing is right, log on to Envoged or download our app.


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