Can You Afford These Chocolates?

The top 5 most expensive chocolates in the world

Chocolates.. One word which brings a smile on every face. From a kid to an adult everybody loves chocolates. It is the perfect gift for every occasion and also for situations where there is no occasion.

Have you ever traced the experiments people have done with the chocolate and inventions and masterpieces they have crafted? Just to give a start let me tell you that chocolate evolved in 1900 BC and from then till now they have been experimented with chocolates and now chocolates are available in different forms, look and taste. The most successful experiment of chocolate has been with jewelry from where it has evolved into a perfect gift idea.

  1. The Aficionado’s Collection Chocolates ($275/ 18,666 INR)


They smell like cigars but their taste is completely different. You may find them in flavors like milk chocolate, Italian roasted Hazelnut etc.


  1. Delafee ($504/ 34200 INR)

download (1)

These chocolates better known as “Golden Truffle” are made from grand Cru chocolate from Ecuador and gold-leaf. The gold on the truffles shine like a star ad represent a symbol of success and beauty.


  1. Gold and Diamond Chocolates ($1,250 / 84850 INR)


These 12 chocolates will contain four 22 carat Gold chocolates, four pure silver chocolates, four sweet diamond ones. So you have a variety in taste and jewelry right in your hands.


  1. Swarovski studded Chocolates ($10,000/ 678800 INR)


The box has 49 pieces of chocolate wrapped in hand woven Indian Silk and placed on suede casing. Gold, Swarovski crystal and silk rose are used to enhance the look of the chocolates.


  1. Frozen Haute chocolate  ($25,000/ 1696700 INR)


It is a combination of some of the best 28 cocoas selected exclusively from all over the world and edible gold.















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