What is your style resolution?

No matter what the upcoming year has in store, your style will always be a reflection of you. Bringing a stir in your clothes, fashion and styling is an easy way to define and redefine yourself. And even if you’re not the resolution-making type, it’s fun to imagine the midnight ball drop does have the power to hit our internal reset buttons and inspire us to make major 180s.

Let me suggest you 3 potential game-changing style resolutions to inspire you to shop smarter, fly your freak flag, and never settle for a sad set of undies again.


1. Establish your #lewk!

We all have personal preferences, but having a look — or rather, a lewk — really takes things to another level. It might not necessarily happen overnight, so resolve to simply get the ball rolling in 2016.

Start establishing a strong and informed sense of style that feels all your own by seeking out inspiration from folks whose lewks are as much a part of them as their names. Think Emmanuelle Alt’s all-black, sexy tomboyish vibe; Susie Bubble’s modern and colorful ugly-pretty pairings; Taylor Swift’s retro-inspired, belly-button-shy, never-without-a-red-lip routine; or any one of the women regularly featured on Envoged blogs. From there, it may take a bit a soul searching, trend trying, and research, but the best part about this resolution is how fun it is to experiment.

2. Stay Weird!

Speaking of your dream item, what does it look like? Is it a neutral color or something unique and quirky? Whatever your response, we encourage you to keep it unexpected. Don’t be afraid to pick a polka dot over a solid, choose the overly oversized instead of a fitted cut, or wear a piece that’s truly statement-making. Let your fashion freak flag fly this year — and all the rest!

3. Maintain the sacred cycle.

As we look toward the New Year and all its possibilities, don’t neglect to enforce the reduce, reuse, and recycle routine. As far as we’re concerned, the best wardrobes are well-edited — a combination of high and low, new and vintage — and also regularly purged. Be sure to maintain the flow of items out of your wardrobe as often as you maintain the flow of new items in. Resell, consign, or donate used or unwanted pieces whenever possible. For anything that’s unwearable, track down your local textile donation service.

Tell us what your style resolution is this year or share your pictures with Envoged on our social media.

Make this year, your style and fashion count. Happy new year!

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