LV #Spring 16: Yay or nay?


Fashion is a game or, better, it’s a videogame. Louis Vuitton’s artistic director Ghesquière offered up a futuristic, cyber punk vision for spring-summer 2016 on the final day of Paris Fashion Week.

Within the setting of the LV Foundation, the French designer presents one of his best and most accomplished collections since he has been at the helm of the house: women of virtual perfection invade the runway like heroines of a videogame, wearing utilitarian jumpsuits or monogrammed biker jackets, paneled skirts and flouncy tops, or leather shorts and gilets.

A conversation between technology and nature animated the collection, his most audacious yet for the house, and one that had his fans chiming, “The old Nicolas is back.”

The show itself started with an introduction to the video game Minecraft, which will be familiar to anyone with young children. Ghesquière’s cyberpunks wore moto jackets and metal-embroidered skirts, laser-cut leathers and beaded knits that coded like armor and spaceship-print pants. On the contrary, he was quick to point out that his materials looked high-tech but were actually not synthetics at all. And especially with the nail-head-embroidered peasant dresses, the crafty sweaters, and the festival-girl crop tops and shorts, Vuitton Spring looked a lot like a digital bohemia.

A personal favorite from the collection being the multi-paneled motocross pant, I’m guessing perfect for anyone who owns a moped(practical and uber cool .. no?) or more extravagantly the ideal SS staple for any of us looking to replace last season’s styles, the culottes.  Strikingly, the oversized, chain embellished platform sandals also attracted everyone’s attention, sure to be next Springs ‘must-have shoe’ for any cool girl worth her share of leather jackets, and possibly for this ‘it chic’ if she can manage to pull it off!

Louis Vuitton is, by necessity, a show full of handbags every season. For spring 2016, everything appears to be cruising easily on the path Ghesquiere set for the brand from day one. There are some new shapes in this collection like the little rigid bags that look like treasure chests or crocodile maxi bags, but no major new launches. Instead, Ghesquiere builds momentum on the brand’s classics. Make sure you look out for the excellent, cheeky chain pattern that plays on both 80s silks and Vuitton’s monogram motifs in particular.

All in all, we were both excited and inspired by a collection that carried so much attitude along with contemporary chic. It’s a world that allows total freedom in crafting one’s avatar, or image — and the freedom to do so, Ghesquière implies, is available at a Louis Vuitton store near you!

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