4 TRENDS you have to sport this year!

Boring office wear or the repetitive prints, casual matches or the staple color combinations which one of these boring trends has struck your closet. In this new year, girlfriends you got to make a statement, a style resolution and smart shopping picks to draw a fashion stir in your wardrobe.

Below, we break down the little 4 effortless trends to sport this year!

  1. Animal-Inspired Accents


Maybe it’s the internet’s insatiable appetite for cat memes or the fashion world’s ongoing lovefest with leopard print (or perhaps a combination of the two), but animal-inspired trends are still very much alive and well.

   2. Fairytale Sparkle



If years of building a timeless “adult” wardrobe robbed your closet of its fun, spontaneous spirit, consider this season’s obsession with sparkly pieces permission to revive it. In addition to the usual holiday party garb, glimmering styles are making their way into the regular rotation, from twinkling turtlenecks to shimmery ankle socks. Get your wardrobes updated and back your princess vibes with gold pleated maxis, starburst earrings, and Miu Miu’s whimsical or simply glitter-packed pumps.

  3. Florescent Fuzz


While shearing and faux fur are cold-weather standbys, we typically cuddle up to ’em in their neutral-hued variety. But this season, designers lit up the runways with fuzzy accents in an assortment of bright, bold shades. Ease into the trend with smaller accessories, like this blood-orange Coach bag and electric fluff heel to counter winter’s dark palette.

  4. Cotton-Candy Hues


Rich pastels like baby blue and pale pink send us right down memory lane to when our most prized possession was a pair of pink ballet slippers. These dreamy colors offer an easy way to have fun with your look, especially if you pair ’em with unexpected primary shades.

Envoged has an amazing variety of styles! Don’t miss out on the collection.

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