Layering Like A Pro

Layers, layers and more layers is definitely the way to go for a stylish winter look. Try using colors in the same palette or complementary ones; this way you’ll obtain smooth transitions between layers and a more cleaner, sophisticated look.

The right amount of edginess is needed so a killer pair of high heels, a powerful lipstick, funky sunglasses or a boxy evening clutch worn during the day will make great finishing touches.

Many women are afraid to layer their clothes for fear of looking bigger than they actually are. While logic would lead one to believe that this claim is true, if you’ve mastered the art of layering this couldn’t be further from the truth. A perfectly layered look will compliment your curves and create the illusion of a more proportional silhouette.

5 Steps to a Perfectly Layered Outfit

1. Start with a basic, lightweight top. I suggest a solid, something neutral, or striped.

2. Add another layer such as a soft cardigan or sweater. If you’re into color, this can be a great opportunity to mix in a bold pullover to give your outfit more intrigue and depth.

3. Then add a jacket or coat. Again, I suggest a basic color: camel, black, navy, or even olive green.

4. Next, add a scarf. It’s like the frosting on a cupcake. A must!

5. Sprinkle on your accessories (bracelets, rings, watches).

Take a style cue from these stars now that it’s getting chilly—they prove you can look cozy and cute at the same time!


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