Its New Year! What are you wearing?

Shopping? Theme Party? Date Night? Clubbing? What is your plan? And most importantly, what are you wearing?

So, dear, New Year is almost here. There is a ridiculous amount of red, glitter and sparkle everywhere you look. And don’t even get me started on the sequins. New Year’s Eve style varies for every person, at every party. You want to bring it in, in an outfit which truly reflects your sense of fashion, and also starts the sartorial year as you mean to go on. If you’re going to an elegant soirée, maybe an embellished gold dress, which you can accessories as you choose – with a faux fur jacket perhaps? Or are you having a gathering at a friends? Maybe a jumpsuit with embellished heels, or a metallic midi skirt with a camisole top and a statement necklace. It’s not always an elite outfit you’ll need!

New year is not only the time to celebrate and spread joy but fashion with a statement. Girls, experiment! Stripes and sequin, print over print, black on black or simply heels and hats. Choose a fashion duo and make it your own style.

Check out for fancy party picks, statement heels or minimal dresses. Tell us what you plan to wear this New Year and share your style ideas with us on our social media.

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