5 Must Have “Sequin Essentials”

The PARTY season is almost upon us and it’s time to add sequins, sparkle, shimmer, and ‘BLING’ to your wardrobe. Incorporate some diva-level sparkle into your own look with these 5 Must Have “Sequin/ Sparkle Essentials”.


Sequin Skirts.
Look like a fallen angel in this ethereal sequin skirt with an iridescent gleam. Pair it with a sweater, tights, and your favorite black pumps. Trying to find one with a pattern will add interest and be even more flattering.

The Bling Blazer.
A blazer is your secret style weapon which helps you to transform any outfit from casual attire to formal wear in the blink of an eye. When you add sequins into the mix, you’ll become unstoppable.


The Sequin Dress.
Throw on a super wearable sequined cami dress for an instant injection of ’90s luxe. It’s a great choice for those days when you can’t decide what to wear and it’s sure to become one of your party faves.

Metallic Heels.
Put sheen and sparkle in your step and liven up your everyday wardrobe with metallic shimmery heels to deck it up!

A Metallic Clutch.
Accessories are an easy way to add extra shine to any outfit. Envoged features a super chic YSL metallic clutch wallet. Pick it up to get yourself your brownie points.

If you are one of those who like to play the party season with a little mild dose, opt for sequin/ sparkle accent styling like belts, glamorous luminous slings or shimmery heels. There are so many opportunities to partake in this trend and shine this season, whether it be full out sequin or sparkle or just a dash! So girlfriends, Put on your biggest smile and razzle dazzle the world in decadent sequin pieces! Cheers!

So all you pretty dolls…tell us how do you wear your bling? Will you be wearing sequins this holiday season? What’s your favorite way to wear them? Share your DIYs, ideas and pictures with us on our social media.

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