To Belt Or Not To Belt?

Cinch it, loop it, slouch it, tie it, sash it… belts are BACK! There are so many ways to flaunt a belt, and with the fun new shapes and textures of this season’s styles, you’ll have more than a little fun getting creative with this accessory!

mdajbdHigh Waist Belts:
Whether on the runway or out on the town, this season belts are being worn high on the waist. It doesn’t seem to matter if they’re worn around a high-waisted jeans or a chunky jacket, over shorts, cinched over vintage-inspired dresses and skirts, or even over jumpsuits! If you’ve ever considered bringing an hourglass-shaped ensemble back into the spotlight, belts are a surefire way to do it in style that highlights your latitudes. Both wide and narrow belts work well for this trend, and we love seeing them in bright hues and mod patterns, especially if they have a creative buckle or unconventional tie.

2015-New-Arrival-Fashion-Women-Lady-Faux-font-b-Leather-b-font-Waist-font-b-BeltCinch, Buckle or Tie:
Speaking of unconventional ties, when was the last time you considered the possibility of a sash-inspired belt? We’ve spotted fringe-edged belts, cloth-woven belts and bejeweled belts. Give your snazzy side a little free reign and make a bold statement with your belts; this season, creativity is queen!

Solids or Prints:
Belts in natural hues or classic prints can act as the ultimate tie-together for any casual outfit! From leopard prints to stripes, bold vibrant colors and patterns to chunky textures, they can definitely work to draw attention as a statement piece.


Belted in loops!
Finally, let’s talk jeans. In the past it’s been a bit tricky to know when to wear a flashy belt with jeans or when to play it cool, but this season, there’s no question! Belt your denim with all the enthusiasm you can master!

Find some coolest belts at Envoged to flaunt your style with some designer belts this season.

Whether it’s a bold buckle, a bright print, or a new way of looping a belt through and around your waist, be sure to show it off! Which of the style ideas above will you try this fall? Share your favorite looks on our social media!

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