11 Most Innovative and Unusual Bags!

11 Most Innovative and Unusual Bags!

Handbags are called one of the most important accessories for women. A handbag can totally change your personality. But some women are totally opposite to this. These pictures below will prove it. The collection of unusual and innovative handbags below will tell you that good is not always a choice to be different.

1. Louis Vuitton Doggie Handbag

This Louis Vuitton doggie handbag looks like a Chihuahua, printed full LV logo, designed by artist Meryl Smith.


2. Brain Bag

The brainy designer Jun Takashi recently popped out his latest creation for his label; meet the Brain Bag. It is designed in an intricate knit of wool resembling the 3 pound human brain. A subtle statement piece!


3. Chanel’s hula hoop bag

THE most talked-about item on the Chanel spring/summer – the hula hoop bag. It is supposedly to be carried on the beach when you can also put in your towels. Thankfully the brand has also come up with scaled down hula hoop bags for daily purpose.

Chanel: Runway - Paris Fashion Week Womenswear Spring / Summer 2013

4. Record Bag

Kelis’ Chanel vinyl record bag is not as strange as the others. In fact, it’s actually a pretty cool accessory for a musician like her. This unusual bag is a standout on the red carpet.


5. Coca Cola purse

British radio and TV presenter Jameela Jamil added a fun kick to her black-and-red ensemble with a retro-styled Coca-Cola purse with a beaded handle. Quirky!


6. Rubik Cube Bag

Made from bright-coloured squishy fabric complete with a Chanel-style chain, this would be a perfect dressing-up or going-out piece for those who want to add a little fun and novelty to their look.


7. Lunch Box Bag

Eliza Doolittle punctuated her soft pastel ensemble at the Mulberry dinner with a weird-looking bag — what appears to be a glorified lunch box.


8. Topshop

Lip Eye Purse


9. Louis Vuitton Monogram Nova

This LV clutch has a monogram pattern that was applied by hand and was then covered in white and black Swarovski crystals.


10. Charlotte Olympia On Time Timepiece Box Clutch

Incredibly beautiful and equally unique, this timepiece clutch is not for fashion-lovers who hate the spotlight.


11. Chanel Shell Clutch

Weirdly Sophisticated!


Tell us: would you ever wear any of these anywhere? Share 1 innovative or a weird fashion accessory that YOU own!


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