Life is many attitudes – Moschino

“Life is many attitudes, so is fashion”

Moschino is one of the greatest Italian fashion houses and worlds fashion brands. It represents high fashion but it certainly stands out from other luxury brands and that easy to notice. Moschino label is known for its irreverent, surreal take on fashion. It has always been considered as innovative and sometimes eccentric that was enough for success. Franco made himself and his brand worth of attention because of his social awareness campaigns and criticisms of the fashion industry..

Moschino unique style always surprises me with its humor, eccentric and magical color pallet, all mixed with provocative attitude. It truly represent all that means to be ‘’fashionable’’. Their collections are playing with material and shapes, but at the end every collection is girl dream- its sophisticate but different, classic but extravagant, playful but comfortable!

So girlfriends, take chances, experiment with prints and patterns, try out new styles and make a style statement with bold accessories. Because, fashion is moody and so can your clothing be. Rock it with Moschino!

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