Pierre Hardy

Pierre Hardy is the master of graphic shoes, leader of color blocking and an innovator of design and trends. The irony of this “unveiling”, however, is that Hardy’s work has been influencing accessories and fashion design for decades.

Hardy says is his solution to fashion’s paradox: “As we are not in a period of real innovation, you have to be totally different while also being the same. The new way is to combine elements from the past with new proportions.”  The result is beautifully made accessories that seem to almost come out of nowhere; so esoteric and original are they in their audacious graphic balance and daring color schemes.

Taking Abstract Expressionism as a departure point, Hardy’s first sketches resembled the rough geometricity of the painter Hans Hartung, mixed with the primary colors used by Sol Le Witt: he took out a series of color blocked peep-toe heels was launched. His psycho booties to speedy stilettos each innovation has been a milestone for his own very brand. And it goes without saying, that the teens have gone nuts all around the globe for his statement pieces.

“I try to imagine what a girl entering a shop would love to find there.” It looks like Gap has solved that one for us all: four pairs of shoes by Pierre Hardy, please.

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