The Handbag Boulevard!

Once you think you got the iconic handbag off your checklist and on your closet to show off you will instantly come across the new ‘it’ bag of the time to tease you. And needless to say – these trends, runways make you nothing but fatigues, bag fatigues!

Chanel’s 2.55 or the Kelly, the LV speedy or the Dior Lady Bag, the tote or the clutch, the list is endless. But then it goes without saying that these ‘investment pieces’ are meant to accent your looks for year after year, trend after trend and style after style.

Handbags are definitely a trick to flaunt your statement style, appreciate luxury fashion, experience the exquisite and enjoy the quality. From vibrant colors to embellishments, careful design details to a line of glam shapes, handbags posses the power to earn you your brownie points and fly on the streets with fashion flare, confidence and attitude.

New season in fashion means reinventing your style, your fashion, yourself! This fall the box bags, barrel bags and bucket totes have conquered the racks. And ofcourse the LV trunk bag trend. Not only are they practical, functional and stylish, they can take a lazy girl’s denim and T-shirt look to a whole new level.

Another trend the fall brings to us is the mustard. Consider the mustard a new neutral for your handbags.

You can’t buy happiness, but you can buy handbags! It’s kind of the same thing!

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