I Am Fashion!

“I don’t do fashion. I’m fashion.” – Coco Chanel

Coco Chanel – chic, shrewd and on the cutting edge. The clothes she made changed the way women looked and the way they looked at themselves. The women and her style was ahead of time and fashion. She primarily mixed up the vocabulary of men’s and women’s clothing that offered luxury, style and comfort. One can see how her style evolved out of necessity and defiance.

Chanel is one of those Coco Chanel top innovations that have passed the test of time. The LBD! Today it seems hard for us to understand the impact that this classic piece of clothing had on the that period, but must take into account the fact that until then ladies wore black only at the funeral  and events. In time, no wardrobe is now complete without the famous little black dress, the dress that can highlight any silhouette, adapt to any occasion, accessory and look elegant. Never less, never more!

Pearl necklace, tweed jacket, two tone shoes, pants are one of the many innovations of this generation forward lady. And of course the 2.55 bag, quilted leather bag, inspired by jockey clothes, accessorized with a thin chain to be worn on the shoulder, allowed women to move freely and efficiently without having to take care of clutch or Dorothy type bags, which slipped easily on the wrist. A stylish accessory worn by women throughout the world and perhaps one of the most copied designs of handbags of all time, a statement piece!

“A girl should be two things, classy and fabulous” Are you..?

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